Down Your High Street

Scarecrow Boutique - a fashionista’s paradise

Nestled in the affluent area of Crouch End, you’ll find Scarecrow Boutique, a quirky independent shop which sells a huge variety of clothes, accessories, shoes and other unique delights. Long established, the founders of Scarecrow Boutique, a mother and daughter work hard to maintain a loyal following. The boutique is a hub of eccentric clothing such as net petticoats, handbags, masks, feather boas, tights, gloves and a huge range of hats for men and women. We caught up with the founders to find out more…

How long have you had your shop?

We have been established in Crouch End for 16 years. 

How would you describe your shop to a new visitor?

The aim of our Boutique is that we want to offer customers Style and Quality. We carefully source and select items that stand the test of time, that transcend trends and can be updated and accessorised to accommodate any event. Selling Affordable Luxury for everyone. Beautifully cut dresses, exciting prints and textures, items that can take you from day to night. We have a huge range of accessories and jewellery, so we can create you an outfit from head to toe.

Are there many independent shops near you?

Luckily Crouch End has not yet been over taken by too many chains, so there are still quite a few Indies. But things have changed over the last few years and are changing quite quickly now, more chains are moving in and that in turn put the rents up considerably, so i fear that it won’t be too long before the Indies find it a struggle.

Do you manage your own online activity? How would you rate your computer/internet knowledge from 1 – 5 (1 being weak and 5 being strong)

No. I do all the online marketing, social media and website updates and management. I would give myself a 4 out of 5 as there is still so much to learn and SEO and marketing is improving and changing so quickly.

Where do you see the high street in 10 years?

People love shopping in bricks and mortar shops as it is a unique experience. You get to touch, feel, compare or try on the items which you cannot do online. You cannot replace this personal experience. The high street will still be going strong but I think the amount of Indies will diminish sadly.

Do you sell on any other online market places?

We have our own e-commerce website. We have been selling well through you guys too, as a small business, the marketing and online presence you have is great for us as we would have to spend thousands to compete online otherwise.

Are you a member of any independent business/high street groups or initiatives I.E BIRA, Save The High Street Etc.

Yes, we are members of BIRA and we were finalists in the Independent Retail Business of the Year in 2016 which was fantastic. And Save the High Street and Small Business Saturday – they are all fab.