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Baby Bouquets and more by The Bump Company

We caught up with Debbie the founder of The Bump Company, a charming baby boutique filled with organic and natural baby products. With a unique selection of gorgeous gifts perfect for baby showers and new baby gifts, they also have their own signature baby clothing bouquets which are handmade to order. Discover how this inspiring business began and what the future holds.

Tell us how you got into creating and selling such adorable baby products?

There are so many beautiful gifts for babies out there. We wanted to create our own product range of exquisite, handcrafted gifts that would be remembered the most at the end of all the new baby celebrations.

Where do you get the inspiration for your unique baby products?

For our baby clothes bouquets we look at real flower arrangements and then try to make ours as realistic as possible using baby essentials such as socks, bibs, hats etc. We have had a couple of customers ring to ask where the clothes are as they haven't realised they are in the bouquets!

What do you think new mums are looking for when searching for baby products?

I think above all they want products that are both stylish and useful. The great thing about our handcrafted gifts is they look gorgeous but they are practical too! You can never have too many bibs or muslins when you have a baby.

Have you noticed a greater demand for organic and natural clothing product over the years?

I think people are much more aware of where their products come from and what they are made of. Many of our customers tell us that is the reason they bought from us. Not only do we use organic cotton in all of our baby bouquets but we only work with ethical suppliers so we know that workers are getting fairly treated and paid.

As a small business owner what advice would you give someone just starting out?

Do your research! It's so important to know where your market is and what consumers want. Oh, and never give up - even when the going gets tough (and it will!)

What challenges have you faced as an independent retailer?

I think getting your brand out there and seen is a constant challenge when you are small. You must keep momentum going and make the most of every opportunity to get your products out there.

What has been your best moment?

 I think our move into our premises has to be a highlight. We went from being a home based business to having our own shop and studio and although it was hard work we have never looked back.

What has the Bump Company got planned for the future?

We are just about to begin work on a new website and have lots of new products ready for the Christmas market. Watch this space!

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